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7 Useless Foods with Added Probiotics

Pre-Packaged Cereals 

Let’s face it, most people love boxed cereals and chances are you’ve had your favorites from time to time.  There are many of these types of cereals masquerading as if they are healthy for you, mainly because of the claim they are made with probiotics.  Unfortunately, foods with probiotics are advertised as healthy, but they’re really loaded with refined sugar, chemicals, preservatives and a host of other ingredients that well, just aren’t good for you.  Truth is, by adding probiotics into such an unhealthy mix can actually do more harm than good for your body.  Kids are most frequently the victims of these foods and It is, for this reason, it has topped our list.    

cereal with probiotics

2.  Snacks

Much like cereals, snack foods are sold with the promise of having healthy probiotics. So many snacks on the market boast of high amounts of protein and energy spawning ingredients.  This like many other claims made on their packaging is just more ways to get you to buy their product.  It’s amazing to find that this so-called healthy protein and all natural granola bars are loaded with unhealthy fats, salts and carbs that not only cost you more money but are absolutely useless and empty of true nutritional value.  


3.  Bottled Smoothies 

Do not use bottled smoothies. Create your own recipes and enjoy plain kefir or yogurt. Drinks that are freshly made are much healthier than those you see on the shelves. Besides, you always know how much sugar you put in your drink and can control the calories you consume. 

4.  Baking Mixes 

How could you ever bake anything hoping that added good bacteria can survive at a temperature that kills whatever gets inside the oven! There are absolutely no use buying baking mixes with added probiotics. They might cost more yet have no properties to make you feel or look better. 

5.  Teas 

The above-mentioned information applies to teas and various other drinks that need hot water to be prepared. The boiling water kills good bacteria. Of course, you can drink them if that’s your favorite type of beverage. Nevertheless, we hope you will follow our advice and stop wasting your money on teas that are infused with good bacteria.  

6.  Milk and Dairy Products

Virtually all commercially sold Most milk and dairy products are pasteurized (heated).  This process avoids and kills off the good bacteria that is being advertised as inside the product.  If you can find raw milk or dairy products by known trusted sources that fine, however, this is usually more difficult when living inside big cities.  Perhaps you can find a local farmer who can supply these products for you.   

7.  Nuts and Seeds 

Fortified seeds and nuts are slightly more nutritious than those that are not infused with probiotics. If you do not mind spending money on these foods, go ahead that’s, of course, your decision. However, the money you pay for probiotic-infused seeds or nuts can be spent in a better way. Try and replace flaxseeds or almonds that come with added good bacteria with sauerkraut, plain yogurt or any other fermented product.   

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