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Must Read | Before You Buy Garden of Life Probiotics

Garden of Life Probiotics

So you are considering buying Garden of Life Probiotics? Well, you may feel differently about making that decision after reading this article. Just wait until you learn about how Garden of Life Probiotics are made and the process they use to create them. You’ll find it pretty shocking to find out about how this company operates and how they do things, as I did.

First of all, the people at Garden of Life (G.O.L.) are fanatics when it comes to food.  They approach things totally different. It doesn’t matter whether they’re creating a vitamin, probiotic, or protein powder, they always begin by using real whole foods. The foods being used in making all of their products is what makes them so exceptional, unique and so healthy. It is believed that using synthetic chemicals and so-called lab created wonder substances are not acceptable for their products. Those gigantic commercialized labs worldwide are simply not for them.

They are passionate about the ingredients that go into their products, as well as their obsession over what things they keep out. They simply don’t believe in the using the synthetic chemicals that most companies use when making their products. It’s all about money for most other companies. By creating synthetic based products machinery can work faster. The factories can spit out enormous containers of products with greater “efficiency.” Again, at the end of the day, it’s all about money for those “other guys”.

G.O.L. is busy making the highest quality products that can truly help optimize and revitalize your health. G.O.L. takes it slow, they do it by hand and grow only in the richest of organic non-GMO soil. This ensures their ingredients get enough sun, water, air and time for it to grow to become its absolute best. They harvest each ingredient when ready and treat it with care, then turn it into a powerful and nutritious whole food supplement. This is what makes Garden of Life so amazing, for both the company and the products they produce.

Now that you know how the Garden of Life products are produced, you can understand why buying their Probiotics would probably be your best decision. After researching many other products on the market the choice to buy Garden of Life probiotics is crystal clear.  

Here are their 3 Key Principle Guides on how they create amazing products at Garden of Life: 

1.) The Science of Whole Food 

Your body was created to eat, process, and receive its nutrition from real and healthy food.  So, when they create their products, they start by looking at food. So what is the “healthy stuff” in the highest quality food that is missing in our diets? Which foods contain the most potential to help and spawn extraordinary health? These questions are first answered as the first key to their process.  

2.Clean Is Healthy 

They begin with what is used IN their products. Only true, whole food ingredients are used. But they don’t end there, they also focus very closely on what they keep OUT of them.  So they’re keenly focused on food, real nutritional food. If an ingredient is not food, they don’t want it in their supplements.  Below is a list of third-party (never self-affirmed) certifications to prove they are clean!  Click on them below and see for yourself. 

3. Trace-ability 

Last but least, there’s Trace-ability… and it is the key to what makes Garden of Life’s products so incredibly unique and special. Traceability is tracking where every single ingredient in their products came from and getting familiar with every source. This includes where its grown, the farming practices, and the way they pay and take care of the farm workers, everything. 

Take a moment and check out their formulas. The MyKind Organics product line was co-founded with Alicia Silverstone and is made with Organic fruits and herbs. Every product in this product line is Certified USDA Organic as well as NON-GMO VERIFIED by the NON-GMO PROJECT. 

This is the reason it’s so vitally important, to begin with, Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified fruits and vegetables which are grown without synthetic harmful chemicals. The primary and most important objective is to get only the good stuff from the foods that are grown leaving out any of the bad stuff. 

They do all the above because it’s the only way they know they can consistently deliver on their promise of Empowering Extraordinary Health®. 

Here is the listing of all their well earned Certifications 

USDA Organic 

Made from Certified USDA Organic Plants grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation. 

Non-GMO Project Verified 

Third Party Non-GMO Project Verified is an assurance, through ongoing testing, that the product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance. 

Certified Vegan 

Products bearing the Certified Vegan logo must not contain any animal or animal by-products or chemical products tested on animals, keeping them in our world and out of our bodies. 

Certified Gluten-Free 

The Certified Gluten-Free logo represents the independent verification of quality, integrity and purity of products all held to the strictest gluten-free guidelines. 

NSF Gluten-Free 

NSF Gluten-Free Certification ensures that companies have a gluten-free compliance plan and undergo onsite inspections of their production and handling facilities. 

Star-K Kosher 

Star-K Kosher Certification supervises tens of thousands of food products and food establishments, including restaurants and caterers around the world. 

U Kosher 

The Orthodox Union’s Kosher Division is the world’s largest kosher certification agency. As of 2010, it supervised more than 400,000 products in 8,000 plants in 80 different countries. 

NSF Certified for Sport 

The NSF Certified for Sport® mark ensures that products do not contain any of approximately 270+ substances banned by major athletic organizations. 


The Informed-Choice Lab works with worldwide testing experts and world governments to set the standard for banned substances and ensure a level playing field, at every level. 

LEED Gold 

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class   building strategies and practices. GoL has achieved gold status. 

Green-e Energy 

The nation’s leading voluntary certification program for renewable energy. Green-e Energy certifies renewable energy that meets environmental and consumer protection standards. 


Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, and build a collective voice through the power of the unifying B-Corp brand. 

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